Thanks to Wallenda, Niagara Has No Falls!

   On Friday June 15 th 2012, Nik Wallenda walked across Niagara Falls on a 1800 foot tightrope in 25 minutes. Over a hundred thousand spectators crowded the falls on both sides of the border, and hundreds of millions more tuned in all around the world, to see Nik walk from the USA to Canada on a 2 inch tightrope, the width of three pennies side by side. Though Nik wanted to do the walk without a tether, he was forced to by ABC; when his father Terry Troffer asked “How’s that harness, it’s not cutting off any circulation?”  “No, I just feel like a jackass wearing it,” Nik Wallenda replied.

   All through his walk we could hear Nik’s conversations with his father and crazy as it was, with ABC reporters a few times. The fact that he could walk, balance, concentrate and give a fluent interview while walking over rushing water on a two-inch wire was awesome. However what I found most  awesome, was listening to a 33-year-old man defying death, praying and giving praise to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; who interestingly was crucified in his 33 year. Wallenda’s walk was like witnessing the poem Footprints played out over Niagara Falls.

   It is my hope that Mr. Wallenda will adapt the safety tether as a constant in his stunts, it does not take away from the magnitude of the event or the integrity of the man. I can only imagine the stress his family goes through. The tether is very metaphoric of the very God he clearly serves; protective and forgiving, He is a God of second chances. Should there ever be a mishap, be it equipment malfunction, freak weather or an error of judgement, he would have a second chance to show both who he is and continue to share the God he serves.

We’re in this life together: Who we really are is revealed in times of adversity, even if the adversity is self-imposed.

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A Sign is a Sign for your Street to Wall St.!

  I couldn’t resist, I saw this sign in a email and thought this will really strike a cord with many people.

  I bet since Facebook’s IPO, a lot of people have skipped passed getting into His book and went right to the source, and started praying .

  The world’s first and oldest “how to book might be the best place to turn for guidance and understanding.

We’re in this life together: Sometimes we need to get back to basics, I’ve personally found that the Bible is just as current as today’s technology.

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New Jersey Buckles as Toronto Pulls the Bag

New Jersey has the classic issue of government creating new laws that are cash grabs. They’re created by people in power that want to pass their own agendas. Government councils seem as they are ran like reality shows, where people form their alliances and promise to pass each others BS ideas.

The Garden State has passed a law that dogs and cats have to be buckled up; police and animal control are authorized to fine drivers that have unrestrained animals in a vehicle. Violators can be fined $250 – $1,000 per offense.

Toronto, Canada we have to pay 5 – 6 cents per plastic bag to carry home our purchases. If that wasn’t good enough, now the city council voted to ban them as of 2013 ( Oh we get to use bags for free from July until the ban goes into place). Thank God William Shatner is from Canada; Captain James T. Kirk can help us use Star Trek’s   teleportation technology to get our  retail purchases home. It’s not that I’m totally against it, but there is no reasonable alternative in place. “Do it because I said so” is not good enough. When are we tax payers going to stop laughing and scratching our heads? Such idiotic ideas get passed, even if it takes a few tries, and we just take it. Like sheep that farmers herd with a couple of dogs, we run left and right and get used for their personal benefit.

Please excuse the Lord’s name used in vain in this clip. If this video resonates with you when the rediculous in various levels of government run ramped; don’t just sit there let this have this be a call to action. We have used people power in all through history, here are a couple of examples, example 1, example 2 .

We’re in this life together: Together, that’s the key word. We need to stop responding as individuals and respond as one.

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Zoo Vet Arms Crocodile!

Project Weekend 7

   I can imagine hearing the tick, tock, tick, tock, as I read this story about Taiwanese zoo veterinarian Chang Po-yu, who had his arm bit in half by a 17 year-old crocodile. The 440- pound Nile crocodile that had been tranquilized and was about to be medicated. The vet soon found that he had personally armed the croc; zoo officials shot the croc two times and it was disarmed.   Thankfully unlike Captain Hook, in Disney’s Peter Pan, they were able to reattached the mans arm.

   Here’s Chito a man who had a once in a lifetime relationship with Pocho a 17 foot crocodile, Chito (Gilberto Sheedan) would swim with this monster croc. Together they preformed as the Chito and Pocho Show, until Pocho died of natural causes in late 2011. This is crazy and cool to watch. 1, 2, 3, 4. 

We’re in this life together: When we become too complacent with life, that’s when things go wrong. Don’t take anything for granted.

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Baseball Hero! Too Good to be true!

  Real life Guardian Angel, Evan Longoria makes the catch of his life during an interview with a female reporter after the game. He snagged a ball heading right for the reporter’s head, it was like a feel-good movie script.

  The debates rage on You Tube whether it’s real or fake? Could a one in a Billion, eyes in the back of your head catch, have been caught on film? It’s The Rays Evan Longoria, he’s a star baseball player, he’s paid to have eyes in the back of his head. Catching it on film makes sense, he’s being interviewed.

  Too good to be true!, is the place to go when you want to verify if something you’ve heard is true or false. Well I’m sad to say they ruined the celebration, it’s a fake, click on the Snopes link to read the story.

We’re in this life together: You can’t always believe what you see, even if you see it with your own eyes.

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The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, Where Sad and Humour Met.

  Still trying to find my style, I’ve written about various topics; some serious and tragic, others funny or helpful. At times I like to find pictures or video’s that are interesting, uplifting.

  During my last visit to YouTube, I stumbled upon a this 5 part story “The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off” Jonny Kennedy, I had watch his story a few years ago on T.V. Jonny’s story is about himself and how he suffered with Epidermoysis Bullosa, Jonny wanted to bring attention to this condition. His story is sad, tragic and filled with dispar; at the same time it’s whittey laced with humour. I couldn’t stop watching his story, I’m not ashamed to say, at times I was forced to tears watching him persevere though hid daily tribulations. Through all his pain he maintained a great sence of humour, he could make you laugh out loud without feeling guilty.

  I don’t want to do this story any injustice by trying to explain it to you, I really hope you watch his whole story; you won’t be disappointed.  

Part  2/5,  3/5,  4/5,  5/5. 

   See this story for what it is, a well told personal story that is transparent, unselfish and encouraging. His views and choices are his own and do not reflect my views on faith. Please share your comments with me and pass this great story on to other people.

We’re in this life together: Stop and look around, most often the stresses we have in life are really quite trivial; sometimes we need to be thankful for what we don’t have.

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I Know a Real Jerk


Project Weekend 6

  Do you know a real Jerk? I know one that’s really chicken, and is sometimes a hog. originally from Jamaica, now these Jerks can be found all around the world. The Jerk I’m talking about is the seasoning and ingredients used to cook various types of meat. Jerk can be cooked in the oven but is most often grilled (barbequed), this smokey cooking style dish originated from the maroons in Jamaica. If you haven’t tried Jerk yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Not all Jerk is the same, find someone who knows this dish and get advice where to go. You can be adventurous and try to cook some yourself, learn here 1, 2, 3, have fun.

There are many ways to Jerk, everyone has there own style.

Regardless of your taste, there’s a style of Jerk sure to hit the spot.

We’re in this life together: They say you are what you eat, well, I really like Jerk. So now you know a real Jerk.

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Slip, Slide and Away!

Slide out of May, and in to June with this! Remember these video’s consist of potentially fake, definitely dangerous and absolutely Stupid people; don’t attempt to replicate in any way. 

Now let’s see Mythbusters test this one. Part 1, 2

Part 3, The Action begins

Part 4, Continued Action

Now for a small home version, just as crazy! Mom and Dad must have loved to see what went on when they were away.

We’re in this life together: Watching someone do something stupid, is better than doing something stupid!

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Communication Creates Accomplishment

  Over the past several years we’ve witnessed the Flash Mob phenomenon. A flash mob consists of people, who seem to spontaneously come together at a  predetermined destination to act out a synchronized action or event. They’re arranged well in advance via emails, texts and various social medias, some are just fun others are sponsored by media outlets like T-Mobile (sometimes known as smart mobs). If communicated correctly they are very entertaining and inspirational. Flash Mobs can happen anywhere at anytime, schools, malls, parks, airports, train stations, down town, up town, fairs

   Just look how people respond to a flash mob going on around them, almost every one has a smile, some even join in, excitement is hard to contain.

The Public’s Reaction to the T-Mobile Dance

  Regardless of the reason they are a lot of fun and exciting to watch, I’ve said it before, when people come together for a just cause something special always happens.

The Public’s Reaction to the T-Mobile Welcome Back Dance

  One of the most famous flash mobs really isn’t a flash mob, it’s the inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, a maximum security prison in Cebu, the Philippines. Here are some of their great performances, 1, 2, 3, 4.

We’re in this life together: Communication is so easy, why is it such a problem?

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Elvis’s Baby, Finds Daddy’s Style

Project weekend 5 


 The King’s Princess is about to move towards the throne. It seems Lisa Marie Presley is going to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and embrace what is her heritage; Lisa Marie

has completed her third album “Storm and Grace”. The two previous albums (“To Whom It May Concern” from 2003 and 2005’s “Now What.”) were a disconnect from the family tree. “Storm and Grace” developed as she started back song writing in England where she now lives; the album has a familiar southern sound that is at the root of the Presley name. I guess you can take Lisa away from Elvis, but you can’t take Elvis away from Lisa. This is a good thing; Elvis, The King of Rock & Roll was a one of a kind. Princess Lisa, who not only looks just like her awesome trail blazing father, but has the right singing voice to carry on the legacy of Elvis and that southern rooted genre.

  For all the Elvis fans around the world, Lisa Marie Presley is living life line to the greatest performer that ever lived, an automatic shoe-in by the King’s loyal subjects that to this day hail to the Presley Kingdom. I wish her all the best, and would encourage her to continue deeper down that timeless road that her father built so many years ago.  

We’re in this life together: Cherish the time you have and the way you use it; as seconds and minutes pass, they become memories that can never be relived. Sean Loughran

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