Where is the justice?

 I have been following the events in Sanford, Florida. If you are reading this, you already know the particulars. There was a shooting; the police know the shooter; they have the victim, who is deceased.

I understand innocent until proven guilty, but really an immediate arrest was very much necessary due to the nature of this event. The advice given to the shooter on the phone by the police (who he called), was not to follow the person he was reporting. The shooter chose to ignore the officer and pursued the victim. Whether the victim confronted the shooter, is really irrelevant. There was provocation for the victim to confront the shooter; he was being followed by someone without authority and I’m sure he was nervous if not scared; I would have been.  

 The shooter played cop, court, jury and executioner all on his own. No one asked or forced him to do this. It may have been adrenalin, a hero complex or just a real poor decision. Whether the victim was a good or bad person is irrelevant as well; it was not the shooter’s right to make that call. Had the shooter let the police do their job and investigate his report, most likely there would have been no incident. This would have been just an aggravation to the teen walking home, rather than the sudden senseless ending of a young life. What would’ve happened if the shooter had of gotten shot? Would the police have the same disconnect( and let Trayvon free )? After all, it would conceivably be self-defence; a man is following you and he has a gun pointed at you.

 Innocent or not, self-preservation kicks in. I believe that there would have been an immediate arrest and a lengthy investigation. People would want blood!  Just as most of America, and now the World want justice for this young man.

I live in Canada where gun laws are strict.  I would never follow someone trying to play cop (I too have reported strange activity to the police). I can’t say that a person with a hoody would give me a concern though. People need to see the victim as their own child, a child who they love. A child that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with a judgmental person who thought in his own mind he was doing the right thing.

 I think I’m being kind. I heard the shooter’s call to police; he had already set the stage in his mind. I’m sure that the officer on the phone must have sensed that the situation was not going to end well. I don’t think the shooter had intentions on killing someone, but he did not have the training to deal with a potential confrontation. Now he’ll need to deal with the consequences that go along with taking the law into his own hands. 

 The handling of this situation by the police was a huge multiplication to this tragedy, the confusion and lack of foresight; not to mention, the judgment was deplorable(Zimmerman should have stayed in custody).  All senior levels involved must be suspended with a full investigation and then re-evaluated.

 I’ve left out the obvious in this tragedy, because the other obvious is already there. I’d pray that it has nothing to do with the story, that the facts are enough. This is a senseless killing that can’t be watered down, excused or explained away. Nothing other than swift action, so that all victims are reassured that they have rights and that the justice system is for all without prejudice of any kind, is acceptable.

 In closing, I’d like to remind people who are digging too deep, that the obvious 800 lb gorilla in this, is the racial potential. This was the act of a lone individual, not an organization. As for the police, it is gross incompetence the way they dealt with a homicide. They had a body, and the person who caused it to happen. They had the pieces to the puzzle; they needed to act with an arrest and then let the investigation begin to decide if he was guilty or not. Police are there to enforce the law; the courts handle the punishment (or lack there of). Had the police acted with a little sensitivity and commonsense, this would be much less complex, and not so inflammatory towards the racial element, that is so hard to ignore.

Great quote from one of my readers : Assumptions are dangerous things.


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7 Responses to Where is the justice?

  1. Sean,

    This is a great post, it’s just too bad there is a story like this to comment on. With all the hype flying back and forth over this issue I thought you did a great job of bringing balance and perspective. You have to wonder how you can have a law that when you shoot someone and call it self-defense there is not investigation at all. They need to go back to the drawing board on that one!!!!!!!!!

    • Off The Cuff says:

      Thank you Peter
      I’m sure this tragedy will spark the debate on the law, having it changed or at the very least revised. Right now it’s about damage control, before this turns into a Rodney King type of reation from the community.

  2. Welcome to the Blogsphere!

    Counterpoint #1: Zimmerman was “arrested” the night of the fatal shooting. He was handcuffed and transported to the police department. There is NO other term for that. That, by definition and practice is an “arrest”. However, Zimmerman was NOT “charged” with a crime and was, after a time, released from police custody.

    Counterpoint #2: While this is a very confined crime scene and a short span of time there are numerous *facts* not available to the public via the internet and news outlets. You make assumptions without being in possession of all the facts. Assumptions are dangerous things sometimes (see Zimmerman) but here – they just point to someone who is careless in their logic.

    Counterpoint #3: The “justice” you implore here is winding its way through the system in a very deliberate manner. I don’t know about you but if I ever come under the thumb of “justice” I would really hope it to be as deliberative as possible. The US DoJ is investigating. The FBI is investigating. A Special Prosecutor for the state of Florida has been appointed and is investigating. It’s a fairly safe *assumption* that a Grand Jury will be convened soon, most likely before the month of April ends.

    To illustrate some of this… there was an auto-pedestrian traffic accident last night in my area. As it happened a police officer in full uniform, conducting an official police function, wearing a reflective vest (at night-darkness) was struck by a car traveling the road. This happened @ 9:15 last night. There were witnesses. There were other police and emergency personnel on scene. It was certainly NOT a two party incident without witnesses. Yet, as of this morning the driver of the vehicle that struck the officer has NOT been charged yet. Why? You might well ask…maybe you would ask given the subject of your first blog post 😉 ….

    “Cpl. Sonny Collins, a spokesman for the S.C. Highway Patrol, said driver of the 2006 Kia sport-utility vehicle that struck Foster, 35-year-old Garrett Gledhill of James Island, had not yet been charged in the wreck because it’s still under investigation.” http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20120404/PC16/120409652/1177

    Please do note the last 13 words of that quote if nothing else.

    Again, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I don’t mean anything personal in my above, but I too am closely watching the Zimmerman/Martin incident, but I am willing to wait for an imperfect but deliberative justice process and all the facts before I decide to make sweeping pronouncements.

  3. Off The Cuff says:

    Thank you
    I appreciate your thoughts; I expected there would be some strong opinions about this topic. We all know he was arrested; this is a very sensitive case that touches a cord with both sides (I can’t believe there are sides). Everyone wants to compare to or bring in other topics, this does not need comparison. This case needs common sense and compassion.
    My opinion is there seems to be enough just cause to hold Zimmerman, if for no other reason that to prevent civil unrest while the investigation continues.
    As my blog tag states this is my point of view.
    You are very right, assumptions are dangerous. Listen to Mr. Zimmermans call to the police and you will here his assumption and just how dangerous it was.

  4. Reblogged this on Peter Walters and commented:
    With George Zimmerman in jail the news media will be in a frenzy as they look for new angles on a story that has captured the attention of all of us. My friend, Sean started blogging this month and he wrote a thoughtful piece on the Trayvon Martin case. Take a look and leave your thoughts.

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