TTC AD: A Sign of What’s to Come?

There is an issue in the media regarding a sign posted in the Kennedy Subway station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The sign reads “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger.” This has angered some people, causing some complaints to the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission). The TTC acknowledged there were complaints; they said that they had received 5 complaints. The action called for the sign to be removed. The TTC responded and said the sign did not break any human rights laws and could not be rejected. TTC Chair Karen Stintz decided to let it remain.Charles McVety

 Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition and the media’s Christian “go to representative” said that the sign is offensive to all non-Muslims. He is going to submit a sign to Karen Stintz that will read “Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life”. You can read the full story in detail here.

 As a Christian, I have a problem with this issue and the response all together. First of all, the awareness that the Muslim sign could offend all other religions is the issue; so a Christian sign placed in the subway will level the playing field? I’m sorry but that is counter productive, and quite frankly it’s not in the best interest to do so.  I believe that God does not need man to intercede on his behalf, especially in this issue. 

 The real issue has not been addressed. There are people in the world that use a religious platform to advance their own agendas, for whatever gain or motive. The sign in the subway raises a concern, and it’s a legitimate one. People (both non-Muslim and Muslims) see what’s going on in the world and right here at home they feel threaten. That moves this issue from the TTC to the Canadian government.

I can honestly say that I do not know what our cultural identity is as a Country. It seems to get redefined with every change in governance. Canadians need a distinct cultural identity that defines who we are, so that Canada will never be hijacked and altered by some special interest group, who in time would have Canada transformed to what they want it to be. “They” stands for any superiority influenced groups, religions or organizations that use our own laws and human rights to advance their focus driven agenda to challenge and change the laws, courts and constitution of our great nation

Really it’s not the sign, we all have the freedom of speech.

 Here is the real bone of contention. Islam is at the fore front of this current issue, as it has been in many highly publicised issues in Toronto over the past several years. There are some Muslims that will keep challenging current rules and laws to have special amendments made just for them, based on religious right. This is where the municipal, provincial and federal government need to protect everyone’s interests and stop redefining and interpreting Canada’s sovereignty. Canada does not need to change anything to be great; we are one of the most sought after nations in the world for immigration. 

 Enjoy living in Canada, with the freedoms we all have. Practice your faith, respect your neighbour and love our country. Canada owes us nothing; we all owe her respect.

We’re all in this together, It is a privilege to live in Canada, not a right! (I have many friends that agree, that include Muslim and other faiths alike.)


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  1. The pussy rekka says:

    Thank Pierre Trudeau

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