Stand By Me, and Imagine, One Love for a Redemption Song!

   The more people I meet from various countries around the world, the more I believe in people’s genuine individuality. We are more alike than we are different. Though customs,  faith and distance may divide us, our common talents such as the uniqueness of music can  lessen prejudices, remove boarders and strengthen relationships.

  Listen and enjoy this visual journey. Who knows, after a goose bump or two, you might be inspired to move toward your own change.

I love how in these videos the world is brought together through music; a very powerful medium.

There is something about people uniting for a just cause that inspires and builds hope.

Bob Marley was very forward-thinking in his lyrics. Just think, a tiny island with a lyrical visionary has inspired people all over the world.

I could only “Imagine” how awesome it would be if everyone respected each other for who they are.

Please share with friends; I’d love to hear your thoughts in my comment space.

We’re in this life together: “We’ll free the people with music”. Bob Marley


About Off The Cuff

Hard working, entrepreneurial type with a strong desire to better develop myself spiritually, physically and financially. I'm leaning towards the comedy field for this platform to help develop myself and benefit others. Occasionally I get a good idea, thought or opinion, "Off The Cuff" is my way to share it with you. All the Best.
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2 Responses to Stand By Me, and Imagine, One Love for a Redemption Song!

  1. Sean,
    Great post, I love the Stand By Me video. In the words of Rodney King, “Why can’t we all just get along.” Keep up the good work.

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