Elvis’s Baby, Finds Daddy’s Style

Project weekend 5 


 The King’s Princess is about to move towards the throne. It seems Lisa Marie Presley is going to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and embrace what is her heritage; Lisa Marie

has completed her third album “Storm and Grace”. The two previous albums (“To Whom It May Concern” from 2003 and 2005’s “Now What.”) were a disconnect from the family tree. “Storm and Grace” developed as she started back song writing in England where she now lives; the album has a familiar southern sound that is at the root of the Presley name. I guess you can take Lisa away from Elvis, but you can’t take Elvis away from Lisa. This is a good thing; Elvis, The King of Rock & Roll was a one of a kind. Princess Lisa, who not only looks just like her awesome trail blazing father, but has the right singing voice to carry on the legacy of Elvis and that southern rooted genre.

  For all the Elvis fans around the world, Lisa Marie Presley is living life line to the greatest performer that ever lived, an automatic shoe-in by the King’s loyal subjects that to this day hail to the Presley Kingdom. I wish her all the best, and would encourage her to continue deeper down that timeless road that her father built so many years ago.  

We’re in this life together: Cherish the time you have and the way you use it; as seconds and minutes pass, they become memories that can never be relived. Sean Loughran


About Off The Cuff

Hard working, entrepreneurial type with a strong desire to better develop myself spiritually, physically and financially. I'm leaning towards the comedy field for this platform to help develop myself and benefit others. Occasionally I get a good idea, thought or opinion, "Off The Cuff" is my way to share it with you. All the Best.
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2 Responses to Elvis’s Baby, Finds Daddy’s Style

  1. Sean,
    It’s always tough following in your parents footsteps but following Elvis would be a monumental task. I really haven’t listened to any of Lisa Marie’s music but the sample from the new album sounds pretty good.

    • Off The Cuff says:

      You’re right Peter, Elvis’s footsteps would be tough to follow. If it were me I would see those footsteps as stairs, and climb to the top.
      All the best

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