Communication Creates Accomplishment

  Over the past several years we’ve witnessed the Flash Mob phenomenon. A flash mob consists of people, who seem to spontaneously come together at a  predetermined destination to act out a synchronized action or event. They’re arranged well in advance via emails, texts and various social medias, some are just fun others are sponsored by media outlets like T-Mobile (sometimes known as smart mobs). If communicated correctly they are very entertaining and inspirational. Flash Mobs can happen anywhere at anytime, schools, malls, parks, airports, train stations, down town, up town, fairs

   Just look how people respond to a flash mob going on around them, almost every one has a smile, some even join in, excitement is hard to contain.

The Public’s Reaction to the T-Mobile Dance

  Regardless of the reason they are a lot of fun and exciting to watch, I’ve said it before, when people come together for a just cause something special always happens.

The Public’s Reaction to the T-Mobile Welcome Back Dance

  One of the most famous flash mobs really isn’t a flash mob, it’s the inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, a maximum security prison in Cebu, the Philippines. Here are some of their great performances, 1, 2, 3, 4.

We’re in this life together: Communication is so easy, why is it such a problem?


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Hard working, entrepreneurial type with a strong desire to better develop myself spiritually, physically and financially. I'm leaning towards the comedy field for this platform to help develop myself and benefit others. Occasionally I get a good idea, thought or opinion, "Off The Cuff" is my way to share it with you. All the Best.
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2 Responses to Communication Creates Accomplishment

  1. Sean,
    Love the videos. Nice to see technology used for something positive and uplifting!!

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