A Sign is a Sign for your Street to Wall St.!

  I couldn’t resist, I saw this sign in a email and thought this will really strike a cord with many people.

  I bet since Facebook’s IPO, a lot of people have skipped passed getting into His book and went right to the source, and started praying .

  The world’s first and oldest “how to book might be the best place to turn for guidance and understanding.

We’re in this life together: Sometimes we need to get back to basics, I’ve personally found that the Bible is just as current as today’s technology.


About Off The Cuff

Hard working, entrepreneurial type with a strong desire to better develop myself spiritually, physically and financially. I'm leaning towards the comedy field for this platform to help develop myself and benefit others. Occasionally I get a good idea, thought or opinion, "Off The Cuff" is my way to share it with you. All the Best.
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2 Responses to A Sign is a Sign for your Street to Wall St.!

  1. Great post Sean. Direct and to the point. I think to many of us try everything else first and when we have exhausted all other efforts we then go to the book. Good thing God is patient.

  2. Bel says:

    I totally agree with you 100%. The bible is very much current. One of the saddest things is that people no longer read it for themselves. Not even many Christians, even though they are in church regularly, read the bible for themselves. It’s amazing sometimes the things the bible says are not interpreted the same way as the preacher says. Can’t know that unless you read it for yourself though can you?

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