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New Jersey Buckles as Toronto Pulls the Bag

New Jersey has the classic issue of government creating new laws that are cash grabs. They’re created by people in power that want to pass their own agendas. Government councils seem as they are ran like reality shows, where people form their alliances and … Continue reading

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Zoo Vet Arms Crocodile!

Project Weekend 7    I can imagine hearing the tick, tock, tick, tock, as I read this story about Taiwanese zoo veterinarian Chang Po-yu, who had his arm bit in half by a 17 year-old crocodile. The 440- pound Nile crocodile that had been tranquilized and was about to … Continue reading

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My Afghan Amy – The Afghan Plan, Was it Puppy Love?

Do you like animal stories? Well I’ve got several, they include everything from ants to porcupines. This is one of many stories about my Afghan hound  Amy, who was with me for 17 years. Amy had beautiful blonde hair, big expressive brown eyes with … Continue reading

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