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New Jersey Buckles as Toronto Pulls the Bag

New Jersey has the classic issue of government creating new laws that are cash grabs. They’re created by people in power that want to pass their own agendas. Government councils seem as they are ran like reality shows, where people form their alliances and … Continue reading

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Slip, Slide and Away!

Slide out of May, and in to June with this! Remember these video’s consist of potentially fake, definitely dangerous and absolutely Stupid people; don’t attempt to replicate in any way.  Now let’s see Mythbusters test this one. Part 1, 2 Part 3, The Action begins Part 4, … Continue reading

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Elephants That Recycle and A Hippo Too!

Project Weekend 3   Animals are fun to watch and they do weird things at times. I guess what’s weird to us, is just living to them. When certain actions or functions are caught on tape, it sure is awkwardly interesting or even humorous. This is real life … Continue reading

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“I did not call her a jackass, what I said was…”

Originally posted on Peter Walters64:
My name is Armador, and while I love Jesus the work of Sanctification (The process of being made holy resulting in a changed life-style for the believer) is much slower in my life than I…

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Jimmy, and the GM’s Jewels!

  Do you like animal stories? Well I’ve got several, they include everything from ants to porcupines. This story is about how caring for two cats turned into a great tale. The General Manager of a hotel where I worked, lived at the property. He was a … Continue reading

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Stuck in your head?

Project Weekend   Have you ever heard an annoying jingle or a song, that embedded it’s self in your brain? Then at the most random time, you break into a hum or a full on song, repeating this mantra; hopefully there was no audience. This happens … Continue reading

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Weight a Minute!!!

  Listen to, or read any form of media, and you’ll see countless ads selling some kind of weightloss product or plan. Here are just a few from A – Z. Atkins, Dr.Bernstein, Caveman Diet, Dukan Diet, Ephedrine, Fit For Life, Gastric Bypass, Herbalife, Instinct Diet, Jenny Craig, … Continue reading

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The Noise of Your Toy Steals My Joy

There is nothing better than sitting on the front porch on a calm day. The warmth of the sun on my face, birds chirping and the smell of cut grass. The visual delights are awesome as well; a brilliant blue sky, pink & white tree blossoms, … Continue reading

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