Out of sight Human Jukebox!

  I enjoy listening to various people who share their talent with the world via You Tube. This is another post sharing a video of a really good singer; he’s a human jukebox that sings anything. The train video is where it all started, born in St. Lucia he goes by the name Kessy, you can read about him on this You Tube link. Kessy lives in France and seems to be growing in popularity.

We’re in this life together: They say love is blind, I say, so is real talent.


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Street rhythm beats into your heart

  Wow, there is no shortage of real singing talent in the world. Some have the ability to captivate your attention, regardless of what is going on around you or in their surroundings. For as many artists who have been discovered on YouTube, there are thousands that are doing their thing day in and day out, they could out sing many of today’s top artists. Listen to Danny Small, and see if you agree.

I told you, don’t worry here are a couple more of his great performances, 1, 2, 3, 4. If I  take a trip to New York, I would put him on my bucket list for sure. 

  Like the previous video, the next gentleman is not a professional and seems to be in a difficult state in his life. I hope the right person can find this man, he has a Luther Vandros voice that should be shared with the masses. All I know is that he lives in South Africa, the church he is seen in is Tabernacle heidedal Bloemfontein.

Well, awesome right? It seems he’s connected with a street mission, here he shares his gift. I really want to see this fellow do well, here are a few more of his songs, 1, 2, 3, 4.

  Grandpa Elliott, I’ve been watching this man on YouTube for a few years now, there is something about his voice that grabs you. The first time I saw him was in the playing for change video’s, I’ve been a fan ever since . He has really grown in popularity over the years, I’m sure he must be a major draw to New Orleans.  Just here the passion in this quote from Grandpa Elliott, when asked about New Orleans, “This is my home and I love it very, very deeply.  You’d need a chain, a bulldozer, to tie me and pull me away from here and I don’t think it would.  The bulldozer will burn rubber, because it won’t move.  I won’t go nowhere.”

Great voice eh! Here are a couple more of his great performances, 1, 2, 3, 4.

  My last addition to this posting is Super Bad Brad, this guy is awesome, he’s a street performer from New York. He is well-known and liked, I don’t know why he’s not signed and recorded by now. There are some professional style videos, so someone is working with him at some level. He rocked the Apollo and then killed it on the street.

  Regardless of look or style the dude has soul, check out a few more, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

We’re in this life together: Hearing someones passion can be just as good as feeling it yourself.

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Weight Up, I’m Down!

Project Weekend 4

  As promised, a follow up report to my (Weight a Minute!!!) blog posted April 26, 2012. If you remember this was my last paragraph in that posting. Join me as I lose weight, kind of Chubby Buddy. At the time I started this blog I was 302 lbs, the date was 4/14/12 it will be posted 04/26/12. My first tip for a quick drop, up your protein, cut bread, potatoes and rice for a few weeks. Around May 14, I’ll have an update. There have been a couple of eating get togethers, that have bogged down my stride. One had an awesome Black Forest cake that my wife makes every year for my birthday (I consumed several thousand calories or a three-day period) and an all you can eat Chinese buffet (use your imagination). Even after the trips to the eating dark side, I’m happy to report that my current weight is 290 lbs. Yes that is 12 lbs down in a month. As I said before, cut back or cut out the useless carbs like bread, potatoes and most rice; add more veggies, and salads. Switch to diet pop or better yet water, I try to drink three to four litres a day. As well you need to cut way down on carbs and upped your protein. Rather than cereal in the morning I’ll eat chicken or any meat, cottage cheese or eggs. 

 I challenge “you” to join me, let’s see what you can do! If you have any questions or comments please feel free, I love to reply to my readers. I’ll post my next weight update around June 15th. I’m aiming to drop another 10 lbs by the middle of June, that will have me at 280 lbs. Keep watching to see if I can, it should be interesting, it’s ice cream and BBQ season.

We’re in this life together: In order to lose weight, we need to change our thinking from, Live to eat, to eat to live!

If you like this post please forward

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10 Things To Have A Great Garage Sale!

So you’re going to have a garage sale.

  You’ve done some spring cleaning and you’ve decided to purge, now you want to clear out some stuff by selling it in a garage or yard sale. You’ll need more than just a sunny day and your yard to have a sale. What do you hope to accomplish? Do you want to clear out stuff and make some pizza money? Or do you want to recoup some cash? This sets the style for your sale. Before you begin lets, get you ready so it’s a good experience and not a waste of time.

  1. Stuff, if you do not have enough, forget it; people like a full garage sale. If you don’t have enough, you should post your stuff on an internet site like Kijiji. You should have at least two eight foot tables and some bulky items, furniture is a great draw.
  2. Start early, pickers and dealers start anytime after 6:30 am. If you’ve advertised, some may even try to come the night before! A good rule of thumb, finish your set up no later than 7:30 am and try not to pack up until 2:30 – 3:00 pm. I’ve made some great sales after 3:00 pm.
  3. Signs, if you do not have good signs and you’re not on a main thorough fare, you’re dead in the water. You need traffic, remember you’re selling your stuff and it takes a lot a people with various tastes to pick up and move it. Signs only need basic info, address  and arrows; the main sign can have the address in big letters (at least three to four inches tall) you must be able to see clearly from 40 – 50′ away. Here’s an example of a sign, YARD SALE 123 MAIN ST. then use big arrows, (at least 1 foot long and 3 – 4 inches tall same color as the sign is the best) to lead them to you. Advertise, place an ad in your free local classified internet site, example Kijiji.(remove after sale)
  4. Pricing, remember you’re not a store, price fair but more than the lowest you’re willing to take; people like to get a deal. Price everything, why? Some people won’t ask, and some would like an idea before talking to you. Just because you paid a fortune doesn’t mean a thing, people could care less how much you paid for something. It’s all about  bargains!                        
  5. What to sell? Anything can be put out for sale, you may or may not sell it, who knows. Personal things like engraved items with your name “crap”, used clothing if it’s in good condition is ok, but you won’t get much than a buck or two if your lucky. Items that are broken or missing pieces “crap” through it away. If your stuff stinks of smoke or just stinks, trash it. Beware, if your dishonest with someone and sell something that is broken or doesn’t work. Remember they bought it from you, they may remember where you live. I’ve gone back and thrown crap back on someone’s lawn, after I smashed it into a million pieces when they lied about it’s condition. Good stuff, furniture, (not 70’s crap) glassware, china, figurines, decorations, yard stuff, tools, quality toys, unique and unusual items, decoys, collectables, pictures, antiques, sometimes pets, some pet stuff (must be clean), bikes, lamps, man cave stuff, etc.
  6. Display, your stuff should be reasonably clean, or expect to drop your price big time. Do not just have a bunch of boxes on the ground, a few are acceptable, too many kills traffic. Buyers like to have stuff higher, use tables or anything to raise stuff up. Books, records, videos, DVD’s need to be lined up spines out so they can be read easily. People are on the move; they want to hit and run. Make it visually interesting from the road. If you have furniture or something unique, get it upfront, tall stuff to the back. Pictures need to be lined up so they can be seen clearly. (again clean them or expect to discount for filth)                 
  7. Engage people, don’t just sit there, say hello and acknowledge them; let them know you’re open to offers. People can be ignorant, but so can we. Watch your tone! If you come across as arrogant, people will get turned off and bugger off. Remember you want their cash, so be nice. Now if you live in a multicultural area, some cultures are brutal with their offers and try to force you to come down; this is their a part of their customs. You don’t have to drop your pants just because they offer you one tenth of your asking price. Be firm and try not to get mad; I’ve got mad a few times, I’ve even told a person I’d rather burn something than give it away to them. 
  8. Put something on hold? Don’t do it, unless you get a deposit and make it clear it is a non-refundable deposit. I’ve been stuck with many items over the years because I held it for someone. They may have meant to come back but either forgot or misplaced the address. Most often, they just don’t care. You’re having the sale to sell; first come first serve (a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush).
  9. Weather, wind can blow stuff over and break or damage your stuff. Rain is another problem. If the weather looks like it could rain, either postpone to next week, or at least have something plastic to throw over the stuff (plastic drop sheets from the dollar store are fine; people can still see through them).
  10. Stuff left over, not everything will sell. You can pack it away and try again later in the season or put it in an auction and sell it as one lot. Why not donate, call organizations like Salvation Army, Children’s Wish, etc, or drop it off at a thrift store. Feeling real lazy, pack it up and leave on the driveway with a free sign, what ever’s left, trash it.

We’re in this life together: Garage sales are good for your wallet and the environment.

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Stand By Me, and Imagine, One Love for a Redemption Song!

   The more people I meet from various countries around the world, the more I believe in people’s genuine individuality. We are more alike than we are different. Though customs,  faith and distance may divide us, our common talents such as the uniqueness of music can  lessen prejudices, remove boarders and strengthen relationships.

  Listen and enjoy this visual journey. Who knows, after a goose bump or two, you might be inspired to move toward your own change.

I love how in these videos the world is brought together through music; a very powerful medium.

There is something about people uniting for a just cause that inspires and builds hope.

Bob Marley was very forward-thinking in his lyrics. Just think, a tiny island with a lyrical visionary has inspired people all over the world.

I could only “Imagine” how awesome it would be if everyone respected each other for who they are.

Please share with friends; I’d love to hear your thoughts in my comment space.

We’re in this life together: “We’ll free the people with music”. Bob Marley

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Elephants That Recycle and A Hippo Too!

Project Weekend 3

  Animals are fun to watch and they do weird things at times. I guess what’s weird to us, is just living to them. When certain actions or functions are caught on tape, it sure is awkwardly interesting or even humorous. This is real life stuff you just don’t need to see. If you’re like me, you will find this somewhat funny and very gross; enjoy!

Elephants Recycle Too!

Answer to video: Human equivalent is Proctology.

Hippo’s swim. What goes in, must come out.

Answer to video: We’re lucky; humans have Immodium!

We’re all in this life together: We all have to deal with life’s crap. I’m glad I’m not an Elephant!

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“I did not call her a jackass, what I said was…”

Now here is a story that I can really relate to. The service industry has many challenges, some are just that challenges and others are real lip biters. To all my colleges in the service industry.

We’re in this life together: Remember the customer is not always right, you just have to let them think they are.

Peter Walters64

My name is Armador, and while I love Jesus the work of Sanctification (The process of being made holy resulting in a changed life-style for the believer) is much slower in my life than I would like.  I can understand the Apostle Paul when in Romans he says, “I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.”  My problem is my mouth gets the best of me.  I work in the Hotel industry and sometimes when I receive less than proper treatment from customers I don’t “turn the other cheek” but instead give it right back to them.  Therefore, over the years I have been given extra time of work, if you know what I mean.  Not often, but it has happened.

Now one thing you will find out about me is that I am quite…

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Jimmy, and the GM’s Jewels!

  Do you like animal stories? Well I’ve got several, they include everything from ants to porcupines. This story is about how caring for two cats turned into a great tale. The General Manager of a hotel where I worked, lived at the property. He was a very prim and proper British man (we’ll call him Mr. Prim). He was married with two kids, who each had a cat. Both kids went to private school and his wife was active in the community. They were going away on a two-week family vacation. Knowing that I loved animals, he asked me to care for their cats. It was no big deal. I just had to scoop the litter, feed them, change the water and give them a little attention.  

  They had been gone for a week, and I was well into my duties. While I was in their apartment tending to the cats, for a reason that I can’t remember, I had called down to the concierge desk. “Hello Mr. Prim this is Jimmy” I paused, oh yeah the name shows on the phone. It was Jimmy the bellman who had answered. Jimmy was from Jamaica; a real easy-going guy who was about 43 at the time. When suddenly words popped in my mind and I ran with them. I’m good with voice impressions, so I gave a good impression of Mr. Prim. ” Yes, ah hello Jimmy ah, ah, Mr. Prim here, (deep breath and exhale) I’ve got a spot of trouble. (deep breath and exhale) I was drying off after a shower and, and (deep breath and exhale) one of the cats was just (clear throat) sitting watching me, when suddenly it leapt up and, and, (clear throat) grabbed my balls. (Haaaaaa breathing out) He’s hanging here by his claws and I can’t get it off! (deep breath and exhale) With out hesitation Jimmy responded, “I’ll be right up Mr. Prim”. I could see the picture in my head, Jimmy (who does not like cats or dogs) on his knees in front of Mr. Prim dripping wet, a hand holding on each paw trying to shake Mr. Prims balls free. I died laughing, “I’m sorry Jimmy it’s Me”. “Bumbaclot”(Bumbaclot, the acme of Jamaican swearing, translates literally as “arsewipe”) followed by a (deep breath and exhale of relief). “I knew I had to help, but I didn’t know what I was going to do when I got there”.

  I only wish I had let him come all the way to the room, that would have been the icing on the cake. In our circle of friends, I’m often asked to tell the story about “Jimmy, and the GM’s Jewels!”. To this day we laugh at this stupid story. 

We’re all in this life together: A person’s true character is revealed in how they respond to another’s need.

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Wrong Look Sings Right!

Project Weekend 2

  People’s uniqueness and talents are able to transcend beyond there perceived audience,  captivating people even when there are language barriers. Now throw a surprise variable in the mix. Place a person in front of that perceived audience who sounds awesome but  visually doesn’t belong. A picture is worth a thousand word’s, see for yourself.

Uwechue Emmanuel. He’s a Nigerian-born astrophysicist who’s becoming a pop sensation in mainland China. He sings songs in Mandarin in a variety of styles, from traditional to a more R&B style. Here are a few more 1  3  4 5

Lin Yu Chan has been signed by Sony Music. See a few more clips 1 2 3 4

 Dolly Parton expresses what I mean, after seeing Lin Yu Chun perform her song. 

We’re all in this life together: Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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My Afghan Amy – The Afghan Plan, Was it Puppy Love?

Do you like animal stories? Well I’ve got several, they include everything from ants to porcupines. This is one of many stories about my Afghan hound  Amy, who was with me for 17 years. Amy had beautiful blonde hair, big expressive brown eyes with incredible sight and with a slight build (small for her breed),  she acted like a lap dog. This was the Amy the good, there was the other side. Amy did not listen, chewed everything, puked all the time, took way too long to house break and ran like the wind.

 Calming Amy: I tried books, videos and classes in the desperate pursuit to have Amy be a calm obedient dog, that I if I wanted could walk off the lease (like every other dog I’d owned). While at the veterinarian’s for her regular shots, I explained my issue to the vet. He suggested  that I have Amy breed once. This would calm her down and due to her being so small, she’d only have a couple of pups. I was living in a condo at the time, and the idea of a couple of pups wouldn’t be too bad.

 Stud wanted: Trying to find a male Afghan for stud in Toronto is like trying to pop a zit in the middle of your back with no fingernails. Believe it or not, a couple of months after I started looking, a scruffy woman walked into a pet store where I was working with a  monster male Afghan. Covered in mats  and stinking, neither one had been groomed in a very long time. Reluctantly I asked her if she had any interest in breeding  him. “Oh yes” she said, and then recited a line that suggested he was top breed at the Westminster Dog Show. “I charge a Stud fee of  $1500.00 regardless of success and first pick of the litter”. I looked at the dog, then looked at her, then looked at the dog; I was speechless. “Do you know someone who’s looking?” she said. “No just curious” I replied. That was insane; I needed a different approach. Changing the direction of the subject, I asked her who she uses to groom her dog. “I do it myself” she replied. “No kidding” I thought, and offered to groom him for her in a few weeks. I told the lady I had a female dog and was concerned he might hurt her or get her pregnant. She told me not to worry, he was harmless.  Having never bred dogs, a friend informed me about the heat cycle (when Amy was able to be bred and to wait 11 days into the cycle before trying). When Amy went into heat, I booked the grooming for 11 days later.

  Grooming Day: I met the woman at the Coxwell subway station to pick up the monster dog.  She asked if I could bring him back the day after. “Perfect”, as Hannibal use to say on the A team; “I love it when a plan comes together“. I had brought Amy with me that day since I was planning to breed the dogs at work.   At the subway station, a girlfriend had Amy just out of sight. The monster was going nuts, nose in the air, whining and jolting about like a bucking bronco about to be  released.  After the woman  left, the dog led me towards Amy. We were about to head into the subway when Amy started howling; this monster had mounted her right in front of the door of the subway. I tried to yank him off, but I couldn’t; they were stuck. This how I learned about the tie. Amy was howling and whimpering as this monster stepped over her as they stood there rear to rear; or should I say he stood there while her back legs were off the ground. We pulled them over to the side of the entrance where people were staring with disgust; like they had never seen two dogs hump before. A few minutes later they separated and we were on our way, but plans had changed. I opted to head directly home and groom him there. On the Subway we kept them apart.  Amy kept displaying her swollen target and moaning, while the monster sniffed the air in Amy’s direction; he was ready and willing. We made our way from the subway to the bus and eventually reached to my place.

 We should have taken separate elevators, Amy was yelping and howling, the monster nailed her again in the elevator on the way up. We manoeuvred off the elevator only to have the echoing howls, whimpering and yelps alert neighbours to witness this embarrassing spectacle, Amy’s legs in the air rear to rear with this big monster in a tie. After they separated we went into the apartment and I was able to wash and comb out this dirty monster.

 One last fling: I had separated the two dogs. I put Amy in the washroom and the monster in the kitchen. Somewhere around 3am the now familiar howling, yelping and whimpering with the added sound of claws sliding on ceramic floors woke me, and I’m sure everyone else in the building; Yes the monster got her again. I’m not sure how they got together,  I must have not closed the door properly; Amy snuck out like a lying teenager with raging hormones.

 The Outcome: 

The lady got her dog back two days later.

Hard work for me but the savings were greater.

His mats were gone and his fur was clean.

As for my success, it remained to be seen. 

Fifty-nine days later, 10 puppies were born.

Amy never changed and the vet was scorned. 


We’re all in this life together: Enjoy the puppy love, it’s a dog eat dog world!



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